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Urdu Lughat

The Urdu Lughat Board is a government-run organization in Pakistan that promotes and preserves the Urdu language. It publishes books, provides online dictionaries, and offers language classes. This section will focus on the role of the Urdu Lughat Board in preserving and promoting the Urdu language.


The Government of Pakistan initially established the Urdu Lughat Board in the year 1957. It was created to promote, preserve, and develop the Urdu language. Its main building is located in Lahore. This Board has a number of divisions that deal with publishing books, producing dictionaries, and providing online courses for learning Urdu as a second language. Books written by Urdu Lughat Board are available in the Urdu language for all those who want to learn the language. The books are written in a simple language that is easy for one to understand.


In addition to this, there is also an app that is developed by Urdu Lughat Board. This app helps one learn the Urdu language. It contains a vocabulary builder, a sentence builder, and a translation tool. This app has three main features: vocabulary builder, sentence builder, and translation tool. Vocabulary builder helps you learn the Urdu alphabet with its transliteration in English and Hindi. Sentence Builder provides sentences for you to practice your reading skills in both Urdu and English languages. Translation Tool translates the sentences from Urdu to English or vice versa so that you can practice your reading skills if you are not fluent enough in either of the two languages.


The app also has a few other features, like games that help improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills, as well as a dictionary that includes words from both Urdu and English languages with their pronunciation.


There are also many other notable works that one can find that have been translated or republished by the Urdu Lughat Board since its formation as the body that is responsible for the preservation and promotion of the Urdu language, not just in Pakistan but all around the world. Urdu Lughat Board has translated many books that were initially written in different languages into the Urdu written and spoken language. In addition to this, one can easily find books written by many famous Urdu writers in the library at Urdu Lughat Board. And one such author that is celebrated at the Urdu Lughat Board is Dr. Farman Fatehpuri. Farman Fatehpuri is one of the most notable figures in Urdu literature, and many of his writings can be found preserved in the libraries that are maintained by Urdu Lughat Board. In addition to the written copies, including some of the first editions of Dr. Farman Fatehpuri’s books, one can also find online books through the Urdu Lughat Board.