List of Books written by Dr. Farman Fatehpuri |
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List of Books written by Dr. Farman Fatehpuri

Anyone who is even remotely interested in Urdu literature must take a deep dive into the writings of one of the greatest and most prominent Urdu authors, Farman Fatehpuri. Farman Fatehpuri was a scholar, critic, researcher, linguist, and finally, a writer who had dedicated years of his life to the Urdu language. His book allows the readers to understand now only the complexity of human life and the relationship among individuals but the turbulent period of the partition. The writings of Farman Fatehpuri would encourage the reader to immerse themselves in a world that is woven by this writer. In fact, it would not be surprising if this is something that you have already experienced, as Dr. Farman Fatehpuri’s writings are known to have that effect on the readers.


But as many might have assumed as much, finding the original writings of Farman Fatehpuri in hard copy is undoubtedly a difficult task. There are a few that is preserved by the Urdu Library in Pakistan and other places around the world, but very few are in circulation. After all, Farman Fatehpuri’s books are collector items, especially after the Government of Pakistan awarded him Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his contribution to Urdu Literature, so you might be hard-pressed to get your hands on the original writings of Farman Fatehpuri. However, luckily there is an alternative present for many of the readers of Farman Fatehpuri, and that is through the online books of the author. Yes, one can now easily find Dr Farman Fatehpuri books online and start their journey into the world of classic Urdu literature.


The invention of the internet has changed the way we read books. In the past, people would have to go to a bookstore and buy a physical copy of the book they wanted to read. However, with the invention of eBooks and online books, people are able to download their desired book from an online store.


Online books have many benefits over physical copies. They are cheaper and more convenient than buying a physical copy since you can purchase them from your computer or phone at any time. Online books also have more variety because they can be downloaded in different formats like pdf, epub, Mobi, etc.


Online books are a great way to read the writing of Farman Fatehpuri. And the best part is that they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Online book readers offer various features like highlighting text, bookmarking pages, adding notes, and sharing quotes on social media. However, it would be best if one verifies whether the seller they are connected with is of a reputable sort or not and can provide genuine content.