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Introduction in English

Dr Fatehpuri Farman

(26 January 1926 – 3 August 2013)


Dr Farman Fatehpuri was one the most eminent Urdu linguist, researcher, writer, critic and scholar of Pakistan.


Dr Farman Fatehpuri was born on 26 January 1926 in Fatehpur , Uttar Pradesh (U.P) India and left this mortal world on August 3 , 2013 ( 24 th Ramazan 1434 Hijri ) in Karachi Pakistan. He was laid to rest in the grave yard of University of Karachi Pakistan.


He received his matriculation Fatehpur , intermediate from Allahabad in 1948 and Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from Agra University in 1950.


Dr Farman Fatehpuri migrated to Pakistan in 1950 and settled in Karachi. He completed his Master of Arts (M.A) , LLB and B.T. from Karachi University.


In 1965, he obtained his PhD degree from Karachi University. . He also received D.Litt degree from Karachi University in 1974.


He remained associated with Karachi University for nearly 50 years. He joined Urdu department as a lecturer and retired as a Professor and Chairman of the Urdu department.


He was later appointed as the Chief editor and secretary and then president of the Urdu Dictionary Board ( Urdu Lught Board) . This Urdu Lughat is comprised of 22 Volumes out of them the majority of volumes were compiled by Dr Farman Fatehpuri . He also served as a member of the Civil Services Board of the Sindh Government.


Dr Farman Fatehpuri was awarded the Sitara-i-Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan along with numerous awards from various universities and academic institutions all over the world in recognition of his work and services and achievements.


He was the editor and then Chief Editor of the monthly publication, Nigar the oldest Urdu literary journal, founded by Allama Allama Niaz Fatehpuri.


Dr Farman Fatehpuri has the honor of seeing and listening Quid-e Azam live . Being an excellent speaker and debater , he was very popular and a prominent member of Student Wing of Pakistan Muslim U.P india.


In 1976 at the occasion of 100 year birth year of Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Dr Farman was requested by govt of Pakistan to write a book. The book titled “Hindi Urdu Tanaza in the light of Indian Politics” is one of the most authentic book in relation to Pakistan Movement. It is published in Urdu as well as in English.


In 1977 at the 100 year birth year of Allama Iqbal, Dr Farman Fatehpuri was asked by Govt of Pakistan to write a book. This book titled ” Iqbal Sub Ka Liyee ” with more than 700 pages is one of the most authentic comprehensive book on Allama Iqbal.


There are thousands of students whom Dr Farman Fatehpuri inspired as a teacher, as a guide and as a mentor. Dr Farman Fatehpuri was a man of letter, a researcher par excellence and a prolific speaker. He was one of the few scholars who has full command and in depth knowledge of Farsi and Sinsikrat languages and literature.


He wrote hundreds of of scholarly articles, reviews, and editorials each. He is the author of more than 50 books.


List of the selected most popular and cited Books of Dr Farman Fatehpuri is given here.

1. Urdu Rubai
2. Tadrees-e-Urdu
3. Urdu ki Manzoom Dastaan
4. Tehqeeq-o-Tanqeed
5. Naya aur Purana Adab
6. Nawab Mirza Shauq ki Masnavian
7. Qamar Zamani Begum
8. Zaban aur Urdu Zaban
9. Urdu Imla aur Rasmulkhat
10. Urdu ki Naatia Shaeeri
11. Taweel-o-Tadbeer
12. Iqbal sab kay leay
13. Fun-e-Taarikh goi

14. Urdu Shura kay Tazkaray aur Tazkara Nigari
15. Mir Anees – Hayat aur Shaeeri
16. Irghaman-e-Gokal Parshad
17. Ghalib – Shaer-e-Imroz-o-Farda
18. Darya-e-Ishq aur Behr-ul-Mohabbat ka Taqabuli Mutaalea
19. Urdu Afsana aur Afsana Nigari
20. Hindi-Urdu Tanazea
21. Niaz Fatehpuri – Deeda Shuneeda
22. Aurat aur Funoon Latifa
23. Ghazaleyat-e-Ghalib – Sharah-o-Matan
24. Bila Jawaz
25. Urdu Shaeeri aur Pakistani Maashra
26. Urdu Fiction Ki Mukhtasar Tareekh

Farman Fatehpuri was an Urdu linguist, researcher, scholar, writer, and critic who dedicated a major portion of his life to studying the language and literation. He is known for his poetry in the Urdu language and wrote some of the most famous ghazals in Urdu.


He also wrote a number of scholarly books on Urdu literature and other topics.


Farman Fatehpuri was born in Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, on January 26, 1926. He studied at Allahabad University and later at Agra University. In 1950 he migrated to Pakistan from India due to partition. He settled in Karachi, where he completed his LLB, B.T., and Ph.D., and later joined the faculty of the University of Karachi until his retirement as Professor Emeritus in 1983. He has published several books over the course of his career and is widely considered the leading authority when it comes to the study of the poetry and prose of Ghalib and other Urdu linguistics. One of his more popular works includes the analysis of the work by Allama Iqbal in the aptly titled book Iqbal Sub key Liyee.


Iqbal Sub Key Liyee by Farman Fatehpuri is a must-read for all those who want to know about the work that is done by the famous Urdu author Allama Iqbal. The book is popular across the border, which only goes to show the influence the Fathepuri Farman has not just on the population of Pakistan after the partition but across the Urdu-speaking people of the whole world. The book then goes on to include essays, stories, and poems. The topics covered in the book range from politics to religion, from philosophy to mysticism.


Farman Fatehpuri is one of the widely celebrated Urdu-writer of his time, and his work is now a collector’s item. And while one might find it challenging to get their hands on the first edition of this book, they indeed can find many republished or even online copies of Iqbal Sub Key Liyee.


There are several other books that were written by Farman Fatehpuri that one must consider for their research. Several of his famous titles include Urdu Rubai, Urdu ki Manzoom Dastaari, Qamar Zamani Begum, Bila Jawaz, and more. In total, Farman Fatehpuri has written over 60 books in the Urdu Language. Because of this dedication and the efforts he had made in the promotion of the Urdu language not just in Pakistan but around the world, Farman Fatehpuri was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 1985 by the then President of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq. The books that were written by Farman Fatehpuri are highly coveted and are considered collector items and can be found in auctions around the world. The world-famous author breathed his last on August 3, 2013.